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Thread: ACEBEAM X80

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    Is the UV light in this flashlight safe to use for general purpose (looking for stains on the carpet)? Anyone know what the intensity of the light is?
    I've heard UV LEDS can cause cancers and bad for your eyes

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    The X80 manual lists UV at 2 lumens. I have no opinions on the controversy.

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    dont look at it direct then you are fine.

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    I picked up one of these beauties a few days ago and it is AMAZING!

    I can't believe something so small puts out so much light! And the colored lights are actually bright enough to be useful. My only issue is with the runtimes and heat buildup, which are both consequences of its small size, which is understandable.

    I wish Acebeam created a new head configured for longer throw that we could screw onto this body.

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