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Thread: REVIEW: Nitecore SRT9 Flashlight

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    Quote Originally Posted by carteriii View Post
    Would someone people offer a subjective opinion on the throw of the SRT9 compared to the SRT7GT? At ~100-200 yards or meters, is the beam width significantly wider on the SRT9? Is the intensity within the hot spot incrementally or significantly more? While overall light output of the SRT9 is greater, the orange peel reflector and head would seem to provide a slightly wider and more even bream rather than significantly brighter at distance or greater distance. I already have an SRT7GT, so when would you reach for the SRT9 instead of the SRT7GT? Is there a significant enough difference that it's worth having both? And yes, I know the answer is that more lights is always better! If the SRT9 had significantly more throw, it would be a no-brainer for me to add to my collection, but the SRT9 doesn't seem different enough.
    I took these pictures thinking they'd be around 100m. Google Maps (edit: and a rangefinder) says 80m; sorry they aren't in your 100-200m request range.

    That said, I do think they show the difference in beam profile and lumen output. (Both pictures taken ISO 1600, 1/4" exposure, daylight white balance.)


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    That is tremendously helpful. Thank you!

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    Excellent review,thanks👍
    Have had my SRT9 for a month now and it really is a well rounded balanced light.I use it most of the time except when I need a bit more throw then I reach for my EC4GT.They compliment each other really well!I used to pair the EC4GT with my EC4S but the parasitic drain on the EC4S was too much for me😱So The SRT9 has replaced my EC4S with the benefits of the excellent magnetic control ring and coloured LEDís Etc.
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    Well, one thing Iíve noticed about my light is that it does not seem to be hard anodized. It seems that the only part of it that is anodized is the control ring itself, the rest seems to be painted. Bare metal and overspray can be seen inside the battery compartment. The paint has chipped off on the tailcap and a few other places that protrude.
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