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Thread: Backpack jogging dirt/paved roads at dusk and not dying.

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    Default Backpack jogging dirt/paved roads at dusk and not dying.

    So you want to backpack jog or walk the roads at dusk but hate drying? Dusk has it's own challenges which are different than night or day. I guess that's why it is dusk. So what is the primary danger? Being hit by a vehicle IMHO. As the light fades there is a time when people haven't adjusted yet. They don't have their car headlights on. They're stressed out from work heading home maybe to a domestic situation which might be worse than the job. Lots of things to think about and I am not one of them.

    Seeing and being seen is key to mitigating some of these risks. My preference is two toned high viability clothing with reflective tape. In short the more I look like a tool the better off I will be. Me looking like a tool...

    I try to avoid the main roads. This is the fun part.

    But often end up on paved roads as well. Still prefer the back ones of those however travel on foot is slower than a car. Is it worth an extra mile for less traveled roads. I guess it depends on the risk to reward calculation.

    Getting darker. Often I will turn on the headlamp or flashlight before actually needed for seeing. If cars don't have their lights on this will make me more visible.

    Getting full on dark.

    The dusk clothing still works at night.

    That's about it. Just a safety reminder if for some reason yea gotta be out traveling the roads on foot during the margins of the day. Being seen is a good thing. I made it!

    The TK20. Yes it still rocks.

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    Default Re: Backpack jogging dirt/paved roads at dusk and not dying.

    LOL "looking like a tool". But that's what it takes. I see a lot of guys cycling around here with their fancy logo jersey and shorts. Usually black, grey, blue. Man, they are going to get smoked! Not if, when. A decent amount of traffic too. I pretty much gave it up...just not safe. So I basically have $1000 just hanging from my garage ceiling.

    I'm fine with running but I should upgrade my clothing to something more visible. And of course the headlamp is key.

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