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Thread: Fenix CL30R vs. battery charger

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    Hello everyone,

    I am rewriting this post since I wrote in the wrong part of the forum.

    I wanted a good flashlight so I bought a Thrunite TN12. Little did I know that I also needed special batteries and a charger. I bought a Opus BT-3100 and a couple of Orbtronic 3500mAh. Now I'm in $120 just to get one flashlight running. Anyways, now that I had these batteries I started looking for things that used them and so I came across the Fenix CL30R. It charges 3x18650's at a time. So my question is Should I buy the lantern and use it for my charger or keep the Opus. Does the CL30R charge the battries to full capacity? Does it use cc/cv or pulse charging. Does it heat the batteries as much as the Opus?

    I think I am going to buy the lantern regardless if I return the opus or not. If I do buy the lantern and return the opus I am getting a charger and a lantern with at $40 savings.

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    It looks like you have some replies to your other thread on this topic - please continue in that one. Thanks.

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