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Thread: Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

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    Default Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

    After using Zebralights with frosted lenses, I have come to REALLY appreciate the wide, even, floody beam that you get with them. After using them, conventional 'hotspot and spill' beams just seem toi 'tunnel vision-y'. So I would like to retrofit some of my Eagletac lights with frosted lenses. But nobody seems to sell them. Flashlightlens.com, for instance, only sells clear lenses. Is there anyone who might have them? I would REALLY rather have a good frosted lens than use something like tape to try to get the same result.

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    Flashlightlens has one called "acrylite" that is a lightly difused lens.

    The one on the left.

    Some use stuff like scotch tape as a temporary solution.
    Another option is to buy a cheap lens from flashlightlens and scuff it up with very fine sandpaper.
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    Default Re: Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

    Know anyone with a sandblaster ?

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    Default Re: Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

    Sky lumens website has the sheets of plastic you cut to fit over your factory lens to diffuse it .

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    Default Re: Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

    The kit version of Eagtac's M30 LC2 had a diffuser filter, but do not know which models you have. Another possible option is to make your flashlight into a mule, removing the reflector altogether, but that may be too floody for you. LEE Filters has a variety of options in their sample packs. Good luck with your objective.

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    Default Re: Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

    D-C-Fix does the job. Not sure if there are any CPF members selling it at the moment?

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