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Thread: Riots

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    Default Riots

    Hey, fixer, I hope you were far from all, the insanity of the riots and you were safe with your family.

    what a nightmare!


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    Default Re: Riots

    Ha! Funny you mention that.
    My work has me about 20 minutes away from where it all took place. Working on weekdays at night we weren't affected by it but...

    Paving the interstate we see dozens upon dozens of military convoys lately. Some of it was in preparation for Charlottsville (and now after) but we surmize what went through tonight was North Korea related.

    Won't get into the he said/she said stuff and turn this thread into a political debate. But I have some musician friends in C'ville who stated that both sides came with bad intentions and the local cops knew it. Worse, they were told to stand aside. (That I got from a couple of state police who've worked in our work zones since that event took place.)

    Shame of it all is many of us knew it was going to be bad when both sides imported their protestors from various parts of America.

    Dam shame it was!!!

    Charlottsville Va is a beautiful place on the map. Between the rich history and lush scenery I'm really saddened that it will be now known as "that place" on an ugly spot in American history. I'll still go there and watch some live (local) music, dine out in some wonderful restaraunts and we'll all act as best as we can in order to move on from it.
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    Default Re: Riots

    Wonder who is sponsoring all that crap.

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    Default Re: Riots

    Don't want this to turn into a political thread, please.
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    Default Re: Riots

    Feel very sorry for all the people that got hurt and the two State Troopers who died from the copter crash. This is not good for this country at this time when we have N.K. knocking on our door.
    Have a nice day!

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    Default Re: Riots

    Quote Originally Posted by bykfixer View Post
    Don't want this to turn into a political thread, please.
    This topic, if it needs to be discussed on CPF at all, can be taken to The Underground
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