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Thread: Be courteous to the judge

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    I've never been to traffic court. I got a speeding ticket in 1996, but it was only a 2-point ticket and never even showed up on my record. Cost me $23.

    I'm not a bad driver, but I doubt that I'm a particularly good driver. I'm probably just lucky.


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    I attended traffic court once. The guy before me yelled F U at the judge as he walked out of the courtroom. Guess who was next to stand before the judge. Lucky me.
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    I you really couldn't pull over, its best to state this in court and not take it on the chin. Those who enforce these laws and the judges that preside over those cases need to know that the law is either unjust or not accounting for situations like that which you described. The only way for the populace to demonstrate this and get a fair shake is to stick up for whats right and tell your side of the story. I'm not sure why anyone thinks it is a good thing that you signed up for driving school on account of a cop that is lapsing in judgement and punishing you for doing nothing wrong, but its not a good thing.

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    do not just tell a judge , show him, it is 2019, even thou a judge will most likely NOT allow video evidence, in courtroom, i had heard of that happen on numerous occasions, you can print several screen shots. will be better than your word alone, these days i think a dash cam is a must. especially when a decent one cost about as much as full tank of gas. just make sure date and time is correct. it may not matter for insurance company to investigate an accident, but for a judge it could be a reason to reject it.
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