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Thread: Light for night spearfishing

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    Default Light for night spearfishing

    Hi,I live in Greece and I tried night spearfishing last week I have to say it is nothing compared to day spearfishing I mean you are the hunter so you set the rules.
    So a friend of mine dived with me and he had the vega 2 light which is 10+years old and wasn't powerful enough so I am searching for a very powerful light with the widest beam angle posible,that's the most important part.Because you may miss a lot of fishes that are close to you.
    So far I liked a few lights which are:
    1)Bigblue VL3500P which has a 120degree beam angle

    2)Underwater kinetics Rechargeable Light Cannon L1 eLED Light which seams very powerful to me but I know nothing about it's beam angle

    For secondary light I already bought a small light if I run out of battery and I have a head light for thing like charging the gun etc..

    It would be very helpful if someone could list me something like top 5 light no matter the price I'm determined to pay.

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    Hi Mikol99 - I started a thread recently asking about a similar torch : http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...-output-needed

    I would say from my experience that a wide beam is good in very clear waters but as soon as you have any particles in the water then a wide beam just gives you backscatter. i,e. all you do is light up the particles and form a sort of 'light fog'.
    I've found it better to have a torch with a central beam and additionally a nice gradual corona.

    I'm currently looking for a high-ish output with a long-ish runtime (3hrs / 1500+ lumens).

    Must be nice fishing in Greece! Warm waters and interesting fish.

    PS - check your local laws.... are you allowed to spearfish at night in Greece?
    This might be old : https://forums.deeperblue.com/thread...-greece.26897/

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    Default Re: Light for night spearfishing

    Hey island,thanks for replying.
    So I found a light today
    and a video about it
    it has 4.5 hours of battery on high I will search more but I think for that price it's good but you have to buy batteries and charger with them it comes at 150.
    As far as if it's legal or not I believe people are just jealous of not being able to catch fish at day and they overreact.

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