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Thread: Noob needs batt tester

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    Default Noob needs batt tester

    After reading batt reviews I realized I need a decent batt tester. Mainly for the 14500s I use for vaping and now for rechargeables for AAA and AAsI use in my Black Diamond Storm headlamp and little tent fan. All running on rechargeables.

    I assume that one would help determine if the batt is going to hold a decent charge. Heretofore it been guess work. When a batt seemed to not be lasting long enough, and I get 6 at a time for vaping, I keep the last batch for backups and start using the new 6.
    There must be a better way and I'm thinking a tester would be the answer. Given these circumstances what do you recommend without breaking the bank and it's pretty slim. But saving 30 or more bucks for a set of Batts unnecessarily could help recover some of the investment. I use six cause they don't last but a couple hrs and I number them to keep them rotated .
    Thanks guys!
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