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Thread: Little help streamlight siege AA w/ lithiums or...

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    Default Little help streamlight siege AA w/ lithiums or...

    I am a Florida resident and for preparedness reasons I plan to buy a small lantern style light to add to my preparations for hurricane situations. I want something that works off of AA batteries and preferably off of lithium AA batteries since that is what I have stocked in abundance. The siege aa doesn't make any mention of lithiums and only references alkaline but in my understanding if it can take alkaline then lithium should be completely safe and if anything extend the run times? Can anyone confirm this? I like the long run time on the low setting and if it is in fact longer on lithium batteries that makes it even better.

    while I am leaning toward this light are there other suggestions you all have? Aa power source and long runtime on an indoor usable low mode are important to me. Also waterproof and durable are necessary as well. Seems to me like the streamlight is perfect but if anyone else knows of something else I'm all ears. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Little help streamlight siege AA w/ lithiums or...

    I guess you are absolutely safe to use Lithium cells. Li-Ion -- don't

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