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    Default Order checkout failed

    Was trying to place a big order a few days ago but when choosing the PayPal credit card checkout option ( option scrapped) it fails after page redirection...
    Says an error occurred and the process could not proceed (or whatever).

    Have reported this to Cindy immediately but after two follow-up emails, still NO single response.

    Now I end up with a pending order in the SS account records that is still unpaid, and that I cannot do so unless after intervention.

    What's going on here? What can I do??

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    Default Re: Order checkout failed

    We have a work around. He placed his order and received his order.

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    True, SS followed up a while ago so problem is solved (and order well received -- but NO bonus candy).

    That said, the PP redirect page error still haunts me. What if next time the problem repeats?
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