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Thread: Video light-head drawing anyone?

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    Thinking Video light-head drawing anyone?


    Anybody who has a drawing for a video light head they want to share? I'm planning on turning a light head or two out of aluminium on a lathe, and I'm looking for tips or a finished drawing with measurements (preferable metric) for making one. I will probably need to place the driver in the head for cooling as the canister most likely will be from some plastic or delrin.

    I'm will be using the Bridgelux Vero 29 LED array and TaskLED Hyperboost driver. Initially planning to have two smaller heads and a seperate battery canister.

    So the design needs to account for the LED-array, driver, maybe the hallswitch for on/off and dimming, and front glass that provide sufficient cooling for running it at max 3200mAh (120W) and tolerate depths of up to 150 msw/ 500ft.

    All tips are very welcome

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    Just make a tube with a gland at the back and a slug to go inside it, rebate the front of the slug to take the LED chip and have a polycarb lens with grooves sit back against the front of the slug. rebate the back of the slug for driver.

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    Default Re: Video light-head drawing anyone?

    How did this eventually end up?

    Iím going to build same COB / driver and having lighthead available from the market.

    If completed may I ask a video, please.

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