Hey everyone!

I know there are so many more lights that you would all recommend over Maglite any day, and I know that there are many threads debating the worth of Maglite. I want to preface with the fact that I am not looking for opinions on Maglite in general.

What I am looking for are opinions on the Mag Tac Series, particularly the 2 cr123 model with the crowned bezel.

I have many Streamlights and a few Surefires, but each and every light I own has a flaw that I canít get past. Either itís too long, too short, the head is too big, beam isnít bright enough, body is too thin, etc. Also, price steers me clear of a lot of the higher end lights, like the Surefire Aviators or backups.

I find myself coming back to the Mag Tac over and over and over again. I have held one, and it is the perfect size, weight, and brightness for what I am looking for in an EDC/work light. I have a desk job, and metal clips have been wreaking havoc on my slacks and shoulder bags; perhaps the polymer clip may be beneficial!

I would have bought one already, but the reviews I have found on this forum are not great at all. However, all the reviews I found were at least a few years old, and products do improve over time. Itís also endorsed by the NTOA, so they must not be all that bad...

Iím hoping to gain some input from someone with more recent experience with this light.

Howís the switch?

Howís the clip?

Any problems with the lens?

Is the lens glass or cheap plastic?

Howís the battery life?

Any significant battery drain when not in use?

Any problems with accidental activation in the pocket?

Any experience with customer service or getting replacement parts?

Any input will be much appreciated!