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Thread: New Release TLSA9 Vanilla Smooth...

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    Default New Release TLSA9 Vanilla Smooth...

    We have had a lot of requests for a “SMOOTH TLSA9” ….. So we just added “Vanilla Smooth” to the series. This one is slick except for the cooling grooves on the head and we felt those just had to remain. At around 3300 lumens… we have to get rid of the heat.
    Pick you Battery Bore and your Tint…. … and add this code for a nice discount on any TLSA9 Flashlight! CPF-TLSA9V Code ends Nov 7.
    Thank you for the continued support we appreciate each of you. TL
    ---- Adding a little light and pleasure to the world. -----

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    Default Re: New Release TLSA9 Vanilla Smooth...

    Been around very little in past few years but saw the Texas, and had to take a look.
    After looking I am now wondering what has happened here as it has been months for any post.
    Hope all is good.
    So much to learn, so little time.. ')
    DFW Texas Spring Fling CPF and LPF Flashapalooza, TBA? ')

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