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Thread: Fenix E35 Tailcap removal

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    I have an old Fenix E35 (not the UE) that I'd like to use with my Enerpower 18650's but they are a really tight fit, even after removing the label. I am worried I won't be able to get the cell out, once I have pushed it in fully.

    Is it possible to remove the tallcap on an E35? I have tried turning it as hard as I can, but can't get it to budge. I'm reluctant to use pliers for fear of marking the barrel.

    You'll remember the E35 doesn't have a tail switch, so there's nothing to unscrew on the inside.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Fenix E35 Tailcap removal

    Come on chaps, 100+ views and not a single reply?

    How do you get the tailcap off a Fenix E35? Someone, somewhere, must surely have done this. Or tried at least? Or perhaps could even look at their E35 and have a go?

    Thanks again

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    Have you succeeded in pulling the battery out?
    Maybe because of years of service, the tailcap gets stiff, try to make the tailcap connection lubricant.
    Or ask the customer service for some advice, or resort to the local distributors. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Fenix E35 Tailcap removal

    Are you sure that the tail cap comes off? Sometimes with no tail switch, the barrel is one piece.


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