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Thread: TA15 Tactical Flashlight Review Campaign in Full Swing!!

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    Buttrock TA15 Tactical Flashlight Review Campaign in Full Swing!!

    Here comes a chance to review the high-output and battery-compatible TA15 for better consumer experience and product improvement, which a flashlight lover with original views and rich experience in tactical equipment review will never miss.

    <About TA15>

    600-lumen TA15 features:

    • the battery universal compatibility, widely supporting AA, CR123A, 14500 and 16340 batteries;

    • the patented dual-function tactical tail cap switch, able to access to momentary on or strobe under any working status by halfway or fully depressing it;
    • the rotational magnetic switch for various modes;
    • the crafted super-hard Nano-ceramic strike bezel, performing well if you need to break through a window or glass in a pinch.

    TA15 of durable design, great quality, compact size and high performance, canít you want to use and experience it?
    Now just answer the following questions to apply for reviewing, you may obtain the good chance to hold it freely.


    • Your Profile & the reason to review TA15;
    • List at least 2 of your most visited websites and forums about military and equipment and your related usernames/ID;
    • Afford your previous review links;
    • Elaborate what channels (websites, forums, social media, etc) and methods (including at least 1000-word text description with more than 10 pictures, or videos for 3-10 minutes, etc) that youíll use to review TA15;
    • From which you have learnt of this review campaign.

    Do not hesitate to answer above questions and send the email to xiao@nextorch.comto apply for becoming our reviewers.

    You may be one of them to get and use our newest torch TA15 soon. Come and Catch it right now!!


    • The event will end on Nov. 28 (UTC+8), and selected participants will get review materials for free, including a TA15 and relevant batteries;

    • After receiving the flashlight, reviewers need to test it and publish the reports on relevant media within 15 days, or Nextorch have the rights to take all the materials back;

    • Nextorch reserves the rights of final interpretation of this reviewing campaign.

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