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Thread: Farewell Foursevens but not to 4sevens.

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    Default Farewell Foursevens but not to 4sevens.

    I just learned via this forum that the Foursevens line of lights will soon end. I watched the video and ordered a couple of the last lights being made, that caused me to look at my order history and reflect.

    4sevens and I joined these forums around the same time as flashaholics and modders, he of course was the better modder, I remember him modding a custom 2 level light into a 3 level light.

    He went further by becoming a dealer and brought this forum the first Luxeon based AA light of which I still have 2.
    I remember photos of his family putting together orders in his basement.
    Then he brought us a Luxeon based AAA light of which I still have 2.

    Many more lights were introduced to us by him ( not sure if naming them is appropriate) . And I still have many of those.

    Then he created his own line/brand of lights of which I still have many and more on order.

    I want to thank him and his team for providing leading edge lights and absolute first rate customer service for over a decade.
    This seems like a bummer and it is but I know that whatever he decides to pursue he will do it with the same zeal and class.

    If this shouldn't be here I apologize and move it where it should be.
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    Default Re: Farewell Foursevens but not to 4sevens.

    I share your loss. I too joined a bit later. I have many of his lights and special releases he made for us here on CPFs. I also got to know many of his dealers, franchisers, and friends along the way.

    I Thank You David for being a stand up guy and all that You have done.
    I will always be a Friend.

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