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Thread: ThorFire TD26 Dive Light Video Review

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    Default ThorFire TD26 Dive Light Video Review

    Iíve compiled some diving footage with my thoughts on the ThorFire TD26.

    There are far more technical in depth reviews and unboxings of this light available on this forum.

    This review is intended as a diving specific look at the TD26.


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    Very nice video. Enjoyable to watch the dive just for sake of watching the dive. The TD26 commentary is bonus.

    As one of the semi-technical reviewers of the TD26 on here, it's great to see these kinds of reviews too. I can do all the tests and measurements in the world, except for the actual dive testing that matters so much. Your 66ft dive and continued use says a lot.

    Now, how about a 100m dive?

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    Default Re: ThorFire TD26 Dive Light Video Review

    Thanks Bdm82. I enjoyed your review of the TD26 as well. I agree with your review's conclusions.
    I don't have the know how or equipment to do a more technical review so I do what I can.
    A 100m dive?........I'd have to take a page from your review and tie it to a long rope and toss it in. Hahaha.

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