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Thread: Not Getting Smooth Output

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    Default Not Getting Smooth Output

    I Bought these 5050 LED RGB Modules, each module eats upto.0.72 watt and there are 100 modules in total operational voltage is 12v.
    very Disappointed with the output... i did everything properly... connected the WiFi controller that supports 5-24volts and upto 144Watts, but still im not getting continuous output till the last led...
    only the module directly connected is glowing properly the rest in series are getting dim. Pictures attached. WHAT AM I MISSING ??

    Power supply is 12v 10A

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    Default Re: Not Getting Smooth Output

    Welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately, your pictures are not attached.

    You can't post pictures directly on the forum. You have to put them somewhere else and post links.

    To get them to show up as pics in your post, click the 'insert an image' icon, then paste your link in the box. Remember the rules say a max of 800x800 pixels this way. To post bigger pics, paste the link directly in your post.

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