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Thread: LED Suggestions please?

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    I am prototyping a lighted silicone ad-on for a stop/slow flagger paddle. I've decided on a design for the silicone but I am at a loss for what to use for an LED. I started designing it for through hole 5mm component leds but I thought there might be a better solution here. I haven't decided on the electronics yet either but at least for the proof of concept, I will hijack the circuit from a bicycle Blinky. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm open. My apologies for the bad pictures, I haven't figured out how to get still images from SketchUp

    The bluish ring on the perimeter is what I am designing.
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    If you're wondering what brand of LED to use there are a lot around. Your typically used ones are CREE and OSRAM. Both are commonly used in automotive applications which would be a good fit for the type of implementation you're working with. However, if you're asking what size chip to be using that is a whole different can of worms.

    Obviously, using a strip is the easiest to wire up as you can work it out around the space you need. But if you're using individual chips you have a large selection to choose from.

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