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Thread: Socom Elite hard to find!

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    Default Socom Elite hard to find!

    Hey guys, Im looking for a Microtech Socom Elite either in tan or green, seems everywhere I look online they are back ordered--seems you cannot purchase from the website either! Are these just that high in demand or what lol.......thanks!!

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    Yes, Microtech Knives are hard to find. They tend to do batch runs. Keep an eye out on bladehq or bladeops. I keep hoping to run into a Microtech mini-socom elite somewhere.

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    Default Re: Socom Elite hard to find!

    I have a Mini Socom dated 1998 in the back of my safe. Bought it and forgot about it for 12-13 years. Cool knife.
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    Check dlt trading. They have some in stock. To be honest i haven't seen any colored ones before. I know they have black with a couple different blade shapes right now.

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