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    So I've used loaned multi-meters in the past, mainly for using the continuity tester for troubleshooting trailer lights, basic car wiring and basic sound system setups. I'm looking to buy my own multi-meter to have and learn to use for more than just chasing a bad ground.
    I'm leaning towards a Fluke for the brand because I figure if I'm going to spend the money might as well make it worth while. Plus, all the loaned units I've used were Flukes and every professional I know has one, or 4.
    What is a good starter unit that has a fair range of functions. A quick Amazon search pulls up this kit...

    If links aren't allowed I apologize, please remove...

    Seems like a good deal to me.

    What do y'all recommend?

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    Default Re: Multimeter For Quasai-beginer

    If your just doing basic thing like continuity ect I'd go cheaper... There are videos on Youtube comparing fluke to cheaper meters and the cheaper ones aren't off by much.....for home use that's nothing
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    If you really want a Fluke and other brands won't do, I'd get a 117. I use a cheap DMM from Amazon that is supposed to be fairly accurate and reliable, but not as accurate and durable as a Fluke.

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    Evidently, professionals all know you can't go wrong with a Fluke! Disclosure: Yep, I own a Fluke, it was the first DMM I know of that read true RMS AC past 100kHz within a fraction of a dB - and 30 years later, still one of only a handful to do so. I know people who work or worked there as it's not far up the road. I also have cheaper meters.

    You get what you pay for with Fluke (or Agilent/HP, etc) - guaranteed specs, quality build, professional support, safety. It's not expensive to build a DMM with decent specs today for $50 USD or even less; they can be a good buy for casual users. What do you really need? Very high accuracy? Wide bandwidth AC measurements? High Energy safety? Durable build? You have to pay more for those things, and most hobbyists care more about price - the $20 DMM seems to have the same specs as the $200 Fluke to them.

    The low cost DMMs can be fine for general use - battery voltages, continuity, general resistance. They will fall down in durability, service/support, extreme accuracy, AC bandwidth, and high energy safety. I would really hesitate to try a free Harbor Freight meter on a house socket, especially if accidentally left in ohms mode.

    There's lots of discussion on the EEVBlog site, including really cheap meters that seem to work OK for (low power!) hobby work. I doubt you would regret buying a Fluke except for the price. BTW, my newest DMM is the EEVBlog Brymen 235, but that's not exactly cheap. I am pretty sure it meets specs, though, and is reasonably safe.

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    Lots of good advice so far, and I'm in agreement.
    For example, I've got a Fluke 77 that I bought 30 years ago, a cheap meter that I use when my project needs another meter or when I might break the meter, and a new Fluke 179 (love the ability to use a thermocouple to measure temperature).

    A low cost meter is probably the way to start. Make sure it does what you want it to do. If you need more capability, you can always buy a better one (and meters keep getting better, so no harm in waiting).

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    There's another thread on this topic. Not sure if I can show it in this manner.... http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/...Recommendation


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