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Thread: Near disaster with a Spydeco Manix 2

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    Mpr Near disaster with a Spydeco Manix 2

    Greetings fans of edged weapons!

    I've been teaching my Girls how to fight. Once a week we go to the gym and work out on a heavy bag. We practice strikes which includes both punches and kicks. I usually wear cargo shorts and in the left cargo pocket I keep a SF Titan and on this particular day in the right cargo pocket I carried the before mentioned Manix 2 clipped to the pocket. 20 minutes into our workout another gym member stopped me and pointed to my right pocket. The blade had come free and had punctured my shorts. The Manix 2 has a really large blade for a folder. Had it pointed inward I could have severed my femoral artery! The kicks we were practicing that day were front, roundhouse, and spinning back kicks.

    The moral of the story is, if it doesn't have a lock take it out of your pocket before working out.

    Be safe out there!


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    Default Re: Near disaster with a Spydeco Manix 2

    Hey Big Chief...you are lucky it did not make a left turn!!!
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