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Thread: XeVision ULTRA 80-85W Super head mod - SIGN UP NOW

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    Default Re: XeVision ULTRA 80-85W Super head mod - SIGN UP NOW

    I'd like to extend kudos to Dan at XeVision for his attention and follow-up on product delivery.

    I retired in my 30s, and I''m going on 20 years of doing what I want, when I want, and loath when a wrench is thrown in the works. Such a wrench reared its head in the delivery process.

    I spend a good deal of time at a tenant's business - a cigar lounge - so much so that I set up accounts at the address so high-value items could be bought and delivered there, knowing someone is there to receive/sign on business days, vs missing deliveries when away from homes (or for those like delivery by Brinks truck that can't go to private addresses). FedEx screwed the pooch on this delivery, going several days with "delivery exceptions". e.g., no one there. In fact, no notice was ever left at the business (and they had several FedEx deliveries for their own products in the interim).

    I visited the business today, and was informed by the tenant that Dan had contacted him, got the facts, then contacted FedEx to have them put the item on a different truck/driver combo to get it here today, resulting in a successful delivery later in the day.

    I'm impressed Dan took the problem by the horns and corrected it, instead of it becoming my hassle.

    As for the unit:

    First impressions are:

    1) It's big.
    2) It's not as unwieldy as it looks like it might be in photos.
    3) It's well protected and packed in its custom-fitted carrying case - looks like it could survive a drop off a building...
    4) The unit seems very nicely built, has a high-quality touch throughout.

    Charging as I type...

    Thanks again, Dan and crew, for your professionalism from first contact to delivery.


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    Default Re: XeVision ULTRA 80-85W Super head mod - SIGN UP NOW

    Thanks for the relief...and good post!


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