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Thread: My DIY FrankenFlood Night Trekker Light

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    Default My DIY FrankenFlood Night Trekker Light

    I created a night trekking light based off of two 90 Lumen Yitee 6 LED 6000K LED emitters and the Goal Zero Switch 10.
    I attach it to my backpack shoulder strap and it's a unique ultra-wide flood for those scary Boogeyman hikes. The visor keeps the light from blinding people and the velcro wrap makes it easy to attach it to the backpack.
    The beam spread is nearly 180° with stepless dimming. It's not waterproof but I have bagged it and it works

    Photo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lXE...xTmx2Ag89/view
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    Default Re: My DIY FrankenFlood Night Trekker Light

    Quote Originally Posted by LEDuser5 View Post

    ...for those scary Boogeyman hikes.
    Thanks for sharing. Just don't forget to do some (check your six) "Crazy Ivan" maneuvers occasionally. You can believe I certainly do.

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