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    Pollen man it is all over everything the water on lake Lanier close to the shore is dark yellow. I also found out the hard way that it can come thru screens
    LED's have gotten too bright in our stuff. Many nights I'm awakened by my modem lights blinking.had help with my sig thank you for your help.

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    Allergy season is no joke, it hits my wife hard every year. Good luck, wish I had words of wisdom...
    "Rage, rage against the dying of the light..."

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    We have had some luck with pollen and allergen control with a combination of:
    - Keep doors and windows closed all of the time. As in never open them ever.
    - If you are hot - turn on the air conditioner
    - Sweeper with hepa filters
    - Special air filters in the furnace to capture small allergens
    - Lots of sweeping
    - Taking a shower before bed time to wash off allergens
    - During the more severe months, medications and eye drops

    It might sound extreme but after a few trips to emergency rooms for family allergy related problems, it starts to make sense.

    Equal to pollens, being down wind from a port with cargo ships burning heavy fuel oil (molten road tar) is really bad.
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    Wiped the car down.

    Time to lift the hood and begin to clean up the engine bay some....

    30 minutes later

    My eyes were burning while working under the hood.
    Never mind (ahchoo) that (ahchoo!) nonsense.
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