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Thread: WTS: AN/TVS-3 30" Military Battlefield Illuminator Searchlights 1.2billion CP project

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    Default WTS: AN/TVS-3 30" Military Battlefield Illuminator Searchlights 1.2billion CP project

    Want the brightest and most unique light? Why yes, you do. Includes membership in the (very small) AN/TVS-3 club.

    The AN/TVS-3 is a 20kW liquid-cooled xenon short-arc lamp with a perfect 30" reflector. Originally designed as an Army battlefield illuminator for tank battles which never happened. The military spec was something like "operational intensity at a distance of 6 miles".

    Finger-of-God beams. Brighter than a 60" carbon arc.

    Video from the playa in 2013 and various shots of the lights in SF at https://www.instagram.com/explore/ta...tflashlightsf/ (note these are shown run at the 15kW setting for longer lamp life, 20kW is brighter).

    I'm selling 2 restorable units for $3300, and optionally a 400Hz 60kW generator to power them for $1500.
    (This is basically spare parts value, if we don't sell them as complete we'll scrap them for the parts.)

    They also have IR filters to block all visible light, for the first generation IR night-vision equipment.

    They are original Army (not NASA modified) units that were apparently sold to a searchlight operator in the 70s, then stored outside for 20+ years and recently in a warehouse for 5 years. About 50hours on the meter.
    - Exterior complete. Serious cleaning required.
    - Reflector, front quartz lens and spread lens are complete.
    - Includes original C-7404/TVS-3 control box (not tested), cable not included.
    - Reflector needs serious cleaning and likely polishing. Mount ring (one of the only steel parts) is rusted.
    - Includes Xenon short-arc lamp, ignitor, transformer, rectifiers, coolant pump, fan.
    - Heat exchanger leaks and not repairable, new ones are available from Dillon Radiator $400 each.
    - 2 power cables have been cut (stolen by copper thieves). One unit includes replacement cables. Welding cable can be used for the other.
    - Hydraulic hoses for the azimuth and elevation locks have disintegrated.
    - Complete set of military documentation provided.
    - Coolant additives and recipe provided.

    We have spares for most parts, I'll guarantee that everything in these units works (with cleaning or reconditioning). I can also include (free) a TVS-3 chassis with a few parts.

    We added servo motor controls and can provide documentation on modifications - control a big light with a phone.

    Each unit is approximately 6' wide x 7' long (including tongue) x 6' tall and weighs 1500lbs, tow with a pintle hitch. For shipping, two units dovetail and take less than 2x space. Almost everything is aluminum except the axles and wheels.

    We will provide site inspection (San Francisco) or detailed photos.

    The project will be restoration, flushing the pump and coolant lines, possibly replacing bearings in the pump and fan, reconnecting the power cables, making up a control box cable, testing.

    These are 400Hz 3phase 208 (can't run on 60Hz).
    We also have a military MEP-115A 60kW 400Hz generator, mounted on single-axle trailer, 30hrs on the meter. It did run but likely needs injector pump bleeding and possibly other repair, for an additional $1500.

    Freight shipment: you order the truck, we can forklift-load into a box van or on to a flatbed. You could also pick up in San Francisco and tow them home with a pintle hitch, though replacing the 50 year old tires and tubes would be recommended.
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    Default Re: WTS: AN/TVS-3 30" Military Battlefield Illuminator Searchlights 1.2billion CP pro

    Definitely interested in getting one of those lights.

    Is it possible to ship it to india

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    Default Re: WTS: AN/TVS-3 30" Military Battlefield Illuminator Searchlights 1.2billion CP pro

    The other thread with same topic was closed due to duplication.

    Please send me your mail id . I am working on creating a pillar of light effect for worlds largest bust statue (guiness record) a 112 ft Adiyogi located in South India.

    Very much interested to get it in working condition.

    Awaiting your reply

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