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Thread: CWF Dragon Driver mod

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    I purchased some of Charles Wiggins Dragon Drivers. Put it in a torch that I made last year. It works quite will, and using the secondary XQE LEDs is fun!

    Finished project

    The driver, sitting upside down in the pill so I could solder the leads

    *edit, added a photo of the business end.
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    Default Re: CWF Dragon Driver mod

    Very cool!!! I like

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    Nice looking light! What battery does it take?
    It looks like you used a punch to secure the driver board to the pill. Do you have any tips for doing this? It seems a lot better than the difficult task of soldering to a "heat sink"!
    Thanks, CPF!

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    Hi Ladd,
    I've done the solder-to-pill many times, I always worry about damaging the components on the driver. This does work well, but I have a lot of hammer time in my life, so I'm quite accurate. I made the pill, so the tolerances were just where they needed to be.

    I just purchased some efest 16340 unprotected for this one. My design was to make it as skinny as possible. My next version is going to be 18350 based.
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    How did you get the driver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ma tumba View Post
    How did you get the driver?
    You can send a message to Charles Wiggins on Facebook and he'll get back to you.
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