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    Default REVIEW: Nitecore Concept 1

    Sent for review by Fasttech (dot) com

    Nitecore Concept 1:
    Right off the bat I just have to say this is the best walk around flashlight I have used to date . I really like my evening walks and often this means walking in the dark and having a good flashlight to walk with can mean the difference between a good walk or a bad walk . The Concept 1 ( C1 from now on ) sits in the hand just so sweetly giving easy access to the on off switch . There is no need to to twist and turn the light , just very slightly movement of your thumb and you can turn the light on or off or activate the short cut to TURBO .
    The switch has to be held down for about one second to turn the light on , anything less and the light will not turn on . Once the light is on a quick press of the switch will turn the light off , or you may wish to press the switch and HOLD , doing so will short cut you to turbo and when you let go it will take you back to your chosen light level . To chose a light level press the switch to turn on and HOLD , the light will now cycle through all the light levels and when you find one you like stop . The C1 will remember the light level you chose .
    The first thing I did with the C1 was take it for a walk , I settled on low mode ( 78 Lumens in my light box ) and found it to be almost perfect for my needs whilst walking . If I needed more light I simply pressed and HELD for TURBO ( 1600 Lumens with the Solarforce V3 Battery ) and let me tell you TURBO rules . It's almost too much light , but when you want to see or be seen it really does the job . TURBO , the C1 really pumps heat . You can hold the light about a foot away from your hand and feel the radiated heat from the emitter and the closer you hold the C1 to your bare hand the warmer it will be , to the point where it may actually burn you ! So when Nitecore suggests twisting the tailcap to break the circuit , I would respect that suggestion to stop accidental activation in say your pocket .

    Performance :
    I used two batteries in testing the output of the C1 , a Solarforce V3 2600 18650 and a Sony VTC4 ...
    SOLARFORCE 18650
    Turbo = 1630 Lumen
    High = 982 Lumen
    Medium = 343 Lumen
    Low = 78 Lumen
    Ultra Low = 3 Lumen

    Sony VTC4
    Turbo = 1930 Lumen ( 10 seconds later it was 1800 Lumen )
    High = 980 Lumen
    Medium = 341 Lumen
    Low = 77 Lumen
    Ultra Low = 3 Lumen

    This is a really small flashlight and I would suggest using Turbo sparingly as the heat produced is rather impressive at this level . Running turbo for about a minute the C1 was starting to get seriously warm , another minute and it may have been too hot to hold and the output does steadily decline as the light warms . So probably a great pocket warmer for those cold winter nights . But there could be repercussions if the light were accidentally turned on in Turbo mode .

    We have one set of modes without the disco stuff ( Yay ) , but there is another set of modes that includes STROBE - SOS - BEACON for those who may want such . The light comes factory set ( I think ) for just the light levels and no Disco . To change over you break the circuit - open the tail cap or untwist the body . Hold the switch down while you twist the tail / body back to make contact . This will activate the flashy options . To get to the disco modes you triple click the switch ( quickly ) and the light should be strobing your brains out . To change modes ( SOS - BEACON ) press and hold the switch for about one second .

    There are several short cuts available
    1) Double click the switch = Short cut to Ultra Low
    2) Triple click the switch = Short cut to Turbo or start Disco modes ( Depending on the options the user choses )
    3) With the light on = Press and hold the switch to short cut to TURBO
    4) Any mode = Click 3 times quickly to enter STROBE / SOS / BEACON

    The Concept 1 does not like overly long batteries , I found that if the battery sits flush or near flush with the back of the body ( where the tailcap screws on ) the C1 simply refuses to work . Put in a shorter battery that leaves some clearance and there is no issue . My Solarforce V3 is some 67.5mm long and leaves a 3mm gap at the back of the body . I have tried several longer protected batteries and the C1 simply would not run with them .

    I really like the switch , but having seen quite a few reviews and the criticisms leveled at it , well ? The switch is immensely easy to use , comfortable , intuitive , and can be used without the need to adjust or move the light in ones hands . And because the switch is so easy to use , it means that the light can be easily turned on or off ( Accidentally ) . One simply needs to be aware of the nature of the beast ! So if you plan on pocket carry please twist the tailcap / body so as to break the electrical circuit . ( Simple )

    EDC / Every Day Carry
    Simply yes , just unscrew the tailcap a little to break the electrical circuit and be happy with one of the smallest most powerful flashlights you can put in a pocket .

    Conclusion :
    I really like the Nitecore Concept 1 , it really ticks all the boxes for a walking light . It's incredibly easy to use , there is no need to shift the light in the hand to change modes or turn it on or off . One simply caries it comfortably in the hand ( Gloved even ) and shifts ones thumb slightly to make stuff happen and I really like that . The output @ TURBO does not hurt either , I mean it's embarrassingly bright and one feels almost obliged to apologize every time TURBO is activated . There are even Disco modes for those that seek lights with such , but for those who don't want such , well one simply ignores the option ( I really like that ) . There is just so much to like about the Concept 1 and so little not to . I have seen quite a few reviews on the C1 and I think that perhaps some are being a little nit picky or overly critical , but such is life . I am giving the C1 9 out of 10 ( 1 point lost for not liking longer 18650 ) .
    I would like the thank for sending me this little beast - I really like it and it has just become my walkies light .

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