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Thread: Fenix UC35 New Tail Switch

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    Default Fenix UC35 New Tail Switch

    Hi, all-

    I've had my Fenix UC35 a few months and love it.

    It's a little big for EDC but I make it work.

    The only thing I don't like is that carrying it in my jeans front pocket, the light will accidentally turn on.

    I hate having to unscrew the tail cap.

    Is there another Fenix light that uses the same size tailcap that has a recessed switch?

    Or another brand?

    Or a 3D printed sleeve that might work?



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    Cool Re: Fenix UC35 New Tail Switch

    A quick update for anyone else interested: I contacted Fenix support in Arkansas and talked to a friendly rep who told me they'd been experimenting with a tail cap from another Fenix light that fits the UC35 and has a recessed switch.

    He said the tail cap fits the UC35, but doesn't work quite right, sometimes requiring multiple clicks to get the light to work, etc.

    He kindly offered to send me one and I accepted. I've been using the switch for several months now and have had a few problems where I've had to press the switch 3 or 4 times to get the light to turn on, but for the most part the switch works flawlessly.

    I'm willing to put up with the occasional quirk to prevent the light from turning itself on while riding in my front pocket.

    The switch itself isn't labelled, but the label on the shipping package says PD32 Tail Cap.

    Just in case you want one for yourself...

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