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Thread: EagleTac propitiatory battery workaround?

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    Default EagleTac propitiatory battery workaround?

    Does anyone know a way around this?

    They want to charge $46 for three protected 18650's. Most multi cell lights use a holster for your own 18650's.

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    Default Re: EagleTac propitiatory battery workaround?

    Not buying the Eagletac lights that require this proprietary battery sounds like a great way around that. I'm of the opinion that companies who do this sort of thing should be punished.

    Battery packs aren't magic. Three 18650s with pre-welded nickel tabs, some wire, some insulators, some heatshrink, protection ICs (optional, but you're charging in series here) and a brass button or two would be all it takes to replicate this. You probably won't save much money buying those components in individual quantities versus buying the premade battery pack.
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    Default Re: EagleTac propitiatory battery workaround?

    While I agree that proprietary battery packs seem over the top for the enthusiasts on this forum, but it also serves a purpose for company's to avoid liability and enforce quality control for high amp application. Regular users mixing and matching batteries could have detrimental consequences if not done with care.

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