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Thread: Personal Safe - Combination dial - Drop slot

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    Default Personal Safe - Combination dial - Drop slot

    This is a Tracker Personal Safe, with combination dial, drop slot and anti fish baffle. Made of thick steel, with mounting holes in the back and bottom. It comes stock with a Group II safe lock, made by LG. (A Chinese company) It does come with a complete owners manual. The hinge on the door is backed up with a thick steel plate which secures the door even if the hinge is punched or cut off. It has a few cosmetic imperfections in the paint, (see pics) but otherwise a solid unit. 12' tall by 6" wide by 8" deep. Asking $100, shipped, by large flat rate USPS priority box to your USA (only) PayPal address. All postage and PayPal fees are covered at no cost. Please reply with interest.

    These cost $177 at Home Depot. $188.48 shipped. Asking $100 shipped for this one, works perfectly.
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