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Thread: Storing Li-Ion portable charger near 100%

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    Default Storing Li-Ion portable charger near 100%

    I know it's not good to store any Li-Ion at or near 100%, but I decided to keep an portable charger in my bag or EDC pouch at all times. I'll rarely use it. I got it free at a trade show, so I don't care if it's toast after a while. It's only 2200mAh anyway. Basically a last resort to get some juice into my iPhone in an emergency.

    I'm just wondering what kind of performance I can get out of this. After years on this forum I know we've beat this subject to death with the old batteryuniverse charts and military studies. But I'm wondering if anyone does the same and can provide real feedback.

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    Default Re: Storing Li-Ion portable charger near 100%

    I've stored all my Li-Ion cells after charging to 100% and have never had a problem. Some of them are many years old and still going strong.

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