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Thread: Leatherman Sidekick Case

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    I have one of the original Leatherman multi tools for a number of years. It doesn't get used a lot, but I am glad to have it. Somewhat more recently I received a Leatherman Sidekick as a gift. This one did not come with a case. I was in Mill's Fleet Farm this morning and they had several different cases for sale. They were as follows:

    I have read some comments that the original, with the Velcro closure, is not as good as the newer ones with a different type of closure. So, if I go that way, I guess the question is if it is worth a few dollars more to have the pockets. What do people here think?

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    I used to carry one with Preon 1 and a spare AAA. Came in handy on more than 1 occasion!

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