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Thread: solarforce accessory compatibility for surefire

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    Default solarforce accessory compatibility for surefire

    hello everyone I would like to know from your experience what are the solarforce accessories bodies and switches for surefire that are "really" compatible
    I ask you this because some time ago I bought these sold in pairs for my surefire 6p and in the description were compatible with it

    instead once arrived home unfortunately their threads are not compatible and together I had also taken a body l2t and the parts of the surefire were not even on that
    I recommended to a friend who wanted a body for 1x 18650 for his surefire 6p this in the picture but looking back I'm not very sure
    can you help me?

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    Default Re: solarforce accessory compatibility for surefire

    The problem with Solarforce is that the machine work on the threads is inconsistent. It's a gamble. Some lucky people find Surefire compatible parts, while others end up with bits and pieces that only work with other Solarforce parts.

    The brand is attractive because of the low cost but other makers like Oveready have superior quality and guaranteed compatibility where advertised.
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    Default Re: solarforce accessory compatibility for surefire

    Yes, this has been discussed at length in other (older) threads.

    The compatibility is simply not predictable.
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