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Thread: Expedition Research Stainless Steel Grill Combo.

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    Default Expedition Research Stainless Steel Grill Combo.

    Expedition Research Stainless Steel Grill Combo.

    Info from the manufacture.

    • This grill is specifically designed by experts for bushcraft and expedition camping. Engineered to fit into most backpacks.
    • Extraordinary stainless steel thickness and customized 3D mesh pattern results in the strongest open fire rated mesh grill available worldwide. No other grill has the same weight capacity.
    • Full stainless steel edge-to-edge welding across the entire mesh grill.
    • 2 PACK - About 9.5” X 5” and 5" X 5" in overall size and .5” mesh size. Shipping in a 4mil zip-lock bag with a black nylon carry bag as shown.
    • Handmade in WA, USA.

    I purchased this made in the USA product from Bushcraft Outfitters. I always had good experiences dealing with Bushcraft Outfitters

    Lets take a look. Comes in an outer plastic bag which is reusable.

    Stuff sack inside.

    Two grills as the name implies.

    The smaller grill is 1/2 the size.

    High quality construction. Seems bomb proof which is good for bushcraft.

    Field testing.

    Bushcraft tends to employ open fires. The hobby tries to do more with less. Also it's a great reason to buy expensive knives and disappear during late Sunday mornings. Cooking over an open fire is a big part of that culture. I tend to use the smaller grill for stoves as a pot support.

    Low tech.

    High tech.

    Works great for that application. Time to start a fire for the larger grill. I will be using traditional methods. Or maybe not. I honestly don't know if a striker knife is traditional however the materials were.

    Tulip Poplar bark tinder bundle.

    Yellow Birch bark.

    Charred cedar bark and punkwood.

    Striker knife and local quartz.

    Fire. The ignition can be seen in the video.

    Grill about ready to go. I let the flames burn down some before cooking.

    Cooking steak and peppers.

    The sacred bacon.


    Worked good because it's made well and little to go wrong. Gere is a video.

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    Default Re: Expedition Research Stainless Steel Grill Combo.

    9 minute mark is when the local rock and the carry steel come together; sparks fly, nice to see. Thanks!

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