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Thread: Replace my trusty keychain light?

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    Default Replace my trusty keychain light?

    Is it time to replace my trusty fenix lodce (q4 version I believe)? Just picked up a lumintop worm in stainless and itís pretty nice! Modes are well spaces and very useable with a M-L-H order. Nice thick o-ring as well as the always popular gitd Lens oring. Even has a nice silicone band around the head making one hand use practical. My only gripe is the threads are a bit rough, but being all steel this should smooth out with time.

    Iím hesitant to replace the fenix, though. It has rode my pocket through everything from hot and sweaty fire trainings to pouring rain storms on bike and freezing cold winter hikes. A little on the dim side compared to new leds but still works great. I am on my last o ring, though and the keychain hole is almost worn through so it is just a matter of time!

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    Surefire Titan. I just got one and cannot help but to be very impressed with it. 300 lumens 4 modes. I got the more expensive upscale one. The fit and finish are ingot like. It came with a new Eneloop AAA already inside of it to boot.

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    I would really like one and eventually will get it. Thinking about the regular version, though. Don't need much more than that plus I don't want to spend a ton on something easily lost.

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