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Thread: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

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    Default Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    Give me a break! Most people on this forum have an ET or two! No posts? Fine here are some of mine.



    [IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]T25C2 above XP-L 20 feet from white fence

    [IMG][/IMG]G25C2 Mk II XP-L HI CW above

    [IMG][/IMG]TX25 XP-L HI

    [IMG][/IMG]Run time!!!

    [IMG][/IMG]G25C2 MkII NW 2x18650 XML2 T6.
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    Default Re: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    Nice, thanks for the effort. I am hoping ET will come out with some new titanium D25a & c next year.

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    Default Re: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    Good on ya!

    I think Eagtac is sometimes underrated, I find the SX25L2 to be a very handy light and hard to fault for a mid-size piece of kit.

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    Default Re: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    They were strong for a while, but seems like people slacked off lately. I'm not sure why. Still some new-ish stuff out. I've never had problems with any of their lights that I can recall.

    MX25L3C w/ Nichia 219B...still my all time favorite light. I should have picked up a second one when Going Gear had them for $79. What a steal!

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    Default Re: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    I like them Certainly their sportac them!
    Lights themselves , lot of likey for the d series, certainly the d25(2 on far left, one a de-dome xp-e and other 219b 4000k)

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    Default Re: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    I have so many ET's I cannot even FIND them all. These things have gone with me everywhere and done near everything. I do dig ET's new stuff but there is one thing that strikes me as odd. Why is ET not attempting to upgrade their catalog to IP68 like Fenix and even Nitecore are now doing? Even Armytek has been mostly IP68 for awhile now. No G25C2 MkIII? Really? Their drop in's are amazing I will admit that all day long. The amount of upgrades and accessories available for near all their lights is second to none. Still though it should not be such a huge task to take already what are very well built lights overall into IP68 territory. Some of the best lights I have ever had have been ET's. Will post more pics shortly. Cannot get outdoors so more shots in my huge dark old basement with white painted walls. Et's new XHP drivers are thus far some of the best I have used at all.

    Gosh darn it! I just took a LOT of pics. Can only get one good one up for now. Will be back with the rest later. These are the Eagtacs "I can find right now". Have half decent shots with them lit up I will try to get up later. The T25C2 has been the most reliable high output LED light I have EVER had. I have 3 of them all with different emitters, extension tubes etc. I could use them as hammers if I needed to and they would still work.


    [/IMG]T25C2 with red tri XP-E2 drop in. The brightest red LED light I have ever seen. Up above is my original G25C2 MkII NW with the awesome aluminum filter holder on the end of it with the awesome yellow glass filter.

    [IMG][/IMG]Here only the 3 G25C2 MkII's are turned on. For now the rest of the pics I took are totally washed out. Awesome stuff.
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    Default Re: Various Eagtac Pics for Attention!

    I have two D25A2s that I love. One was my EDC for a year or so until I downsized. They have both been abused and never given me a problem. I did have an SX25L2T that was my first serious light and it was a great light. I did have to send it back for warranty once due to it not working after a drop. I ended up selling it after getting it back and I have regretted it a time or two, I might still be able to buy it back though.

    As for their stuff, I like the looks of DX3B Clicky Pro
    Reliability, NW and moonlight mode, the most important factors in a light

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