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Thread: Review: Rofis MR70: Dual light, max. 3500 lumens, powerbank, beamshots, compare

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    Lightbulb Review: Rofis MR70: Dual light, max. 3500 lumens, powerbank, beamshots, compare

    I always look forward to test a light of a brand that I never had my hands on. Although Rofis has been around for some years now, the MR70 is the first torch of this manufacturer that arrived at my doorstep. And it looks like an interesting one: Main and side-light, powerful, rechargeable and also a powerbank. This features make the MR70 an interesting light to have a closer look at! In this review the details of the Rofis-flagship, I’ll tell you how it works and give my personal feelings. Later, a couple of beamshots and a shoot-out against some equal lights in the same class. Here we go!

    the flagship of a brand that I haven’t tried out before

    the Rofis MR70

    main led is a XHP70.2 P2

    the secondary light is a XP-G2 R5 the light runs on a 26650-cell

    an interesting all-in-one!

    First, we’ll have a look at the specifications, given by Rofis:

    and the output and runtime charts:


    The MR70 is shipped in compact carton that looks good. Main colors are orange, black/grey and white; at the front of the box the light, at the sides some applications that you can use it for, and the specifications and charts on the back. As we often see at other brands. Although the box is compact, inside it looks neat and it is surprising complete. Rofis really took care of the package! Except a power source (but that won’t be a problem for most users) all we need is in, including a nice holster, battery and an adaptor USB to micro-USB. Nice accessory, and absolutely needed when the MR70 is used at power bank. So, nothing to complain about here. Have a look at the pictures that show the box and what you can find in it!

    a compact box with nice looks

    main colors are black, orange and white

    neat and complete

    inside: almost all we need, only a power source is missing


    Before I got the MR70, I had my hands-on to a couple of flashlights in the same class. I’m happy to see that the MR70 is different to these ones; this light has its own looks and style: the roundings and silver accents look well on this light. It is a compact, not to heavy light that almost fits in the palm of your hand. Comes in matte black, the anodizing on this flashlight is done well. Same for the white laser-engraving. Thanks to the rather thick body, that is due to the 26650-cell, the light stands stable on its tail. Good to have that, because it has a “lantern-option” too. The anti-rolling design could be better, the light will roll of the table easily if you don’t care. The grip on the body is good thanks to the design, the tailcap has fine knurling. Striking detail on the head is the big button with a silver ring around; the switch has a power indicator in it, that has also an “find-your-light-back-in-the-dark” feature. On the opposite we find back the side light, one of the specialties of the MR70: I’ll tell and show you more about this feature later in this review. In the head we find also and USB-port back: This one is designed both for charging and discharging. The port is covered by a well-closing rubber, after some weeks use, it was still a rather hard job to open this cover. So, the protection against water and dust is ok. Having a look at the head, we see a silver bezel around it that has some nice ‘stylish”cut-outs and a fluorescent green ring behind the glass that helps you to find the light back in the dark. The MR70 has an “orange-peel” reflector that helps to spread the beam, and a perfectly centered XHP70.2 P2 led on board. By the way, the side light is XP-G2 R5, but that led can’t be seen through the diffuser. My first overall impression of this light is a good one, it looks that the manufacturer has taken care of the overall build-quality and finishing. On the lights’ back we see an integrated lanyard-hole. If we open the MR70, we see a strong spring in the small cap. The small threads run smooth and are lubed sufficiently. The spring with connector that is soldered on the inner of the head looks less neat than the other parts of the MR70, but it looks stable. Therefore is my overall impression of the Rofis MR70 a good one: No big lacks on the overall build-quality, and a good job on the finishing. I took a bunch of impressions-shots that will show you the ins- and outs of the MR70. Please scroll down to have a look!

    the MR70 made by Rofislight

    a palm-sized dual-light with good output

    stable standing, no magnet

    nice styling with a lot of roundings

    fits almost in the palm of your hand

    the emitter is a XHP70.2 P2 led

    a close up at the rubber that protects the micro-usb port

    same port for charging and discharging

    silver accents around the switch

    at the opposite a neutral-white diffused light

    the green ring under the lens glows in the dark

    the engraving is done well

    an orange-peel reflector for a smooth beam

    perfectly centered!

    the cap released

    a look into the cap

    and a look into the body

    multifunctional led in the switch: location beacon and battery-indicator

    charging the MR70, steady red until the job is done

    discharging: flashing green during the progress, according to remaining power

    the light comes with nice holster

    the MR70 fits well

    here’s the lanyard added

    comes in matte black

    the bezel has some “stylish” notches

    really a nice and complete flashlight!

    User interface:

    The MR70 is surprising compact for a light in this class. I will show this later by pictures in the size-comparison chapter. So, it fits in the palm of your hand without problems and can be carried in your coat- or pants-pocket without having issues too. The MR70 has good grip, but I’d slightly prefer fine “pineapple” texture on the knurling above these one.

    Charging the MR70 works easy, but takes some time because of the heavy duty 26650-battery. In practice, you need to charge a depleted cell for about five hours. The red indicator turns into green when the battery is full. During this progress, the light can be used at medium mode. The other (nice) option that the MR70 is the discharging function; so this makes it not only a handy flashlight, but also a powerbank. So, in emergency, you can charge your cell phone, or for example connect a usb-fan if it’s hot. The time of charging a phone takes longer, but it a good option to have when you’re in the middle of nowhere without having any powersource. The MR70 has a battery-indicator that gives you information about the voltage if you load the battery: If the actual voltage is above 40% it will light up in green for about two seconds; if it turns red the voltage is below 40%. If the voltage is critical, it will flash continuously in red. Another way to see that the battery is close to depletion, is that the main led will stop working if the battery is below 5%. Only the side-light will work than. So, if that, it’s highest time to charge the flashlight. If you use the MR70 as power-bank, the indicator will give you some more information about the actual voltage. During the job, the indicator will constantly flash (in green) at this way: Four flashes means more than 80% battery, three flashes above 50%, two flashes above 20% and one flash less than 20%. Very informative!

    Back to the interface now: The big button, that is on the opposite of the side lamp, is easy to locate. I mentioned that this switch doesn’t have a clear pressure point; it feels a bit “weak” when you push it. A short press brings you into the main mode, the light starts at last memorized mode, except turbo. To cycle through the modes, press and hold the switch, it goes through the three main modes than. Maximum output, turbo, is hidden and can only be reached by a quick double click, both from on or off. A short single click turns off the main led in any mode. A triple click, both from off and on, brings you into the special (flashing) modes: Starting with strobe; press and hold the button to cycle through Strobe and SOS here. If you press and hold the button in stand-by for about three seconds, the location-mode will be activated. This means that the indicator in the switch will flash repeatedly, which helps you to find back your light in the dark. Keep in mind that the side light will be activated for short time if you use this option. But I’m happy with this feature!

    To turn on the side lamp, you need to press and hold the button for about two seconds. It turns on than in the last used mode. To change the output-levels, press and hold the button; same way like we did with the main light. Only three output modes here, no flashing or hidden options on the side lamp.

    The Rofis MR70 can be locked out at this way: Press and hold the button for more than four seconds until the side lamp flashes two times: The light is locked-out now. Keep the switch three seconds pressed to unlock; the main led will turn on now.

    The Rofis MR70 is one the most complete flashlights I ever met: So many options on board and a lot of nice findings. And the interface doesn’t take a lot of exercise: Both light can be controlled easily. So, a big plus on this light here!


    The MR70 has in total four constant modes on the main light, in order of: LOW > MID > HIGH > TURBO. Between the lowest there’s a big jump, I would like to have an extra mode here. Also a good low is missing, but you have a lower on the side light if you want. To avoid damage on battery and lamp, there’s a stepdown on the two higher modes. Turbo stands for maximum one minute, and after 10 minutes the light will stepdown to a lower level again. See also the charts in the packaging chapter. Two special modes on the main light: STROBE and SOS. The secondary (side) light has three normal output modes: LOW > MID > HIGH. Spacing is very good here. No special modes on the side light. The MR70 has VOLTAGE-indication and low VOLTAGE WARNING. Also it has LOCATION flash in the button. You can UNLOCK it at two ways: Electronic via the switch and by releasing the tailcap. A lot of modes on this very complete flashlight, I really like it!

    Size comparison:

    You can find a bunch of lights in this popular class. I picked some light for comparison here that use the same led, and even are rechargeables. I picked the Acebeam EC50 GENII and the Olight R50Pro Seeker. As I’m used of, I’ll pick these lights also for my beamshots later in this review!

    26650 battery, Rofis MR70, Olight R50Pro Seeker and Acebeam EC50 GENII

    Rofis MR70, Olight R50Pro Seeker and Acebeam EC50 GENII

    Rofis MR70, Olight R50Pro Seeker and Acebeam EC50 GENII

    the heads: a XHP70.2 P2 at left and two XHP70’s

    the backs: Rofis MR70, Olight R50Pro Seeker and Acebeam EC50 GENII


    The MR70 has a good cool white tint. Compared to the others it shows less green in the hotspot and the corona. In the spill we find back a little bluish tint. But, overall, the tint of the MR70 is ok to me; please have a look at my outdoor beamshots too.


    The MR70 has the same profile as most lights that are driven by a XHP70-emitter. This means: Big spot, medium to large corona an spill. This results in a wide and bright beam at short the medium distance. Usable for a lot of applications. The side-lamp has no visible profile, it's “all-flood here. So, a wide beam for short range that can be used for reading, on your bike and so on too. Both beams are free of flaws, I couldn’t detect PWM through my camera-lens too. Looks good, no minors here!


    Time now to have a look at the most important fact of a flashlight: The output! First, some indoor-shots with the light projected on a white wall. I always use the same camera settings when I do this, so the side lamp (that is very floody) will be barely visible at my beamshots at this way. The MR70 is about one meter away from the wall, mounted on a tripod.

    The secondary (side) light:

    Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/125 sec, 35mm

    a GIF:

    The primairy (main) light:

    Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/125 sec, 35mm


    Now, we’ve seen how the MR70 performs indoors, but let’s have a look at the MR70 in the open field. Firstly, the spot/mainlight modes, followed by a GIF.

    Camera settings: ISO100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 4 sec, 35mm


    Let’s compare now the MR70 to the other lights that I showed earlier. First, a shoot-out against the Acebeam EC50 GEN II. The beamprofile is about the same, the MR70 has more output, what you can see in the brightness of the spot.

    the Rofis MR70 against the Acebeam EC50 GEN II, both on highest mode

    Here’s the other competitor, the Olight R50Pro Seeker. Output of both about the same, but the MR70 has a more concentrated hotspot.

    the Rofis MR70 against the Olight R50Pro Seeker, both on highest mode

    The side light shown now, you can clearly see here that this light is made for short range. The three output-modes shown below by a GIF.

    the three side-light modes, showed by a GIF:


    It was the first time that I met a light made by Rofis, but I’m really impressed! This is a very complete light with good output, many options and will suite to many needs. The overall build-quality is ok, but could improved at some (little) details. The interface is good; I’d like to see an improvement on the pressure-point of the switch. Maybe an extra lower mode on the main led would be a good addition.

    The Rofis MR70 is a very good and compact all-in-one. It is full with interesting and thought-out features, has impressive output, neutral white flood light on the side for reading or camping, rechargeable and a good working powerbank-option. Recommended!

    The Rofis MR70 was provided for review by Rofislight
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    Default Re: Review: Rofis MR70: Dual light, max. 3500 lumens, powerbank, beamshots, compare

    Thank you for the review... Your gif stop motion shots under controlled conditions are the best!

    I'm very much enjoying this flashlight, but wouldn't it be great if you could use both LEDs at the same time... Main beam up to medium with the side LED up to medium to illuminate the area around you...

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    Default Re: Review: Rofis MR70: Dual light, max. 3500 lumens, powerbank, beamshots, compare

    Thanks for doing this review. I agree with GraXXoR your gif comparisons are great.
    I just pre-showered. Preserve my night vision , wait I have night vision ?

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