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Today I would like to introduce you to the Imalent RT70, which I acquired as normal.
It's my very first performance of this kind, so I ask for some leniency. Feedback and your opinion or suggestions for improvement are of course allowed and desired.
Here we go!

Short description:
The Imalent RT70 belongs together with the Imalent RT35 to the new "R series" from the house of Imalent. While the RT35 is a thrower, the RT70's light profile is an all-rounder with good range.
The lamp housing is made of aluminum coated with hard anodization type III. The front glass is scratch-resistant and coated with an anti-reflective coating for optimum light output. As the name suggests, the RT70 has a built-in XHP70.2 with a 6000K-6500K light color, which sits in a deep and smooth aluminum reflector.
According to the manufacturer, the RT70 reaches a maximum luminous flux of 5500lm and a luminous intensity of 203800cd, which corresponds to a range of 903m.
There are five light levels with 60lm, 400lm, 800lm, 1200lm and 3000lm as well as a Turbo and Strobe mode with 5500lm each, which can be selected via a side switch.
In addition, the RT70 has an internal charging function, which allows the owner to charge the lamp or the batteries almost anywhere.

Here are some key details at a glance

The flashlight comes in a sturdy cardboard box

Belong to accessories; a manual in Chinese / English, a hand strap, a holster, a magnetic charging cable, two O-rings and a ...

... the Imalent RT70

The RT70 feels high quality and is well balanced in the hand. The fine knurling on the battery tube ensures a secure hold. The slightly raised side switch is easy to feel with your bare fingers and has a defined pressure point. When pressing it, a "click" is clearly audible.

I personally like the RT70 very well by design, but that is purely subjective and also a matter of taste. The lamp housing has been processed properly. The anodization has no bugs or blemishes and all edges have been deburred cleanly. The laser engraving on the tailcap is easy to read

The springs in the battery tube have been soldered clean

Look at the contact ring

Side switch made of brushed aluminum

When looking closely, however, there are a few small "blemishes". For example, the adhesive residue on the switch and on the charging box were not removed

The LED is not perfectly centered

The RT70 is operated via a side switch.
1. Switch on / switch off, briefly press switch.
2. Select light level, hold down the switch with the lamp switched on and release it at the desired light level.
3. Select turbo mode, works both with the lamp switched off and switched on and is activated by double-clicking. A repeated double-click takes you to the strobe mode. If you press the switch for a moment, the lamp goes off.
4. LockOut function, with the lamp off, press and hold the switch for 3s. The green control LED flashes 3 times briefly. To unlock the lamp, press and hold the switch for 1 second. The green control LED flashes repeatedly 3 times briefly.

The memory function always switches on the lamp in the last used light level, except turbo and strobe.

Power supply and internal charging option:
To put the RT70 into operation four 18650 Li-Ion batteries are needed. According to the manufacturer, protected cells with button-top should be used for this purpose. The reason is simple, unprotected cells are just too short so no contact can be made. If you do not want to do without unprotected batteries, you can help yourself here (at your own risk) with small magnets.

Another feature of the RT70 is the internal charging function. According to the manual, a charge of four 18650er with 3000mAh and an output power of 5V / 2A should take about 5h40min. For my copy, this process took about four times as long with four Imalent 3000mAh batteries, namely 10h20min. The charging current was a maximum of 1.6A and steadily decreased with the charging time.
The battery voltage was in front of the store at 3.04V and after charging at 4.19V.

During charging, the control LED lights red

When the charging process is finished, the control LED lights up green

Own measurements: ***
Runtime turbo
at 23 ° C room temperature without additional cooling. Used batteries Keeppower 3400mAh protected.
The lux value was measured from one meter away.

Over the first 5min, the power is slowed down, but this is imperceptible.
At the 5min, the first visible step-down comes and the performance drops rapidly. At this time, the lamp has reached a temperature of about 55 ° C.
The next 70 minutes, the lamp runs almost constantly regulated and reaches a temperature of some 70 ° C, which makes it almost impossible to touch it with the bare hands.
After the 75min comes a visible step-down. The control LED switches to red because of low battery voltage (3.2V) and the temperature drops.
After a total of 113min running time, the lamp goes out. The batteries have a voltage of 2.88V after 3 minutes after the shutdown.

Runtime High
at 23 ° C room temperature without additional cooling. Used batteries Keeppower 3400mAh protected.
The lux value was measured from one meter away.

Over the first 80 minutes, the performance is decently but not noticeably down regulated. The lamp is partially heated to 70 ° C, which makes it almost impossible to touch it.
After the 80min comes a visible step-down and the control LED turns red.
After that, the lamp will run for a further 40min almost constant and go out after a total running time of 121min.

This measurement was measured from 2m distance and then converted to 1m. The measurement time was 30 seconds after switching on. The following batteries were used here; LG HG2, Imalent 3000mAh and Keeppower 3400mAh.

LG HG2 = 159880 Lux @ 1m
Imalent 3000mAh = 151740 Lux @ 1m
Keeppower 3400mAh = 142540 Lux @ 1m

Here I have the Imalent RT70 geared against my Acebeam K65 (not de-domed XHP70.2). The measurement time was also here at 30s after switching on the two lamps. Uses batteries; LG HG2 and Imalent 3000mAh.

Acebeam K65 with LG HG2 = 690Lux
Acebeam K65 with Imalent 3000mAh = 685Lux

Imalent RT70 with LG HG2 = 713Lux
Imalent RT70 with Imalent 3000mAh = 718Lux

The difference is very small and not noticeable with the eyes. In my opinion, both lamps are identical in terms of both brightness and range.
But as already mentioned, my K65 is not a de-domed XHP70.2, which would certainly have an advantage in terms of range.

*** All measurements were carried out at my home and with non-professional equipment / measuring devices and are without guarantee.

I hope you liked it a bit and you did not find it boring!
Thank you for your attention and interest!

Greetings Kasper

P.S: The beam shots for the Imalent RT70 can be found here
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