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Thread: Travel and camping lights of choice

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    One of the reasons I love travel--I get to find out which lights I really like, which ones I really need, and which ones stay at home! For an upcoming 2-week international trip to Central America, with some extended mountain bike rides and some hotels that will have "unreliable" power, I surprised myself a little at what my "traveling light but staying in hotels" 7-light kit included, for my wife and I. They're all warm tint (1 exception for HDS high noon), all flood (1 exception for "tactical" thrower), high CRI (2 exceptions--thrower, and red), and 3 battery types. My wife thinks it's silly to take 7 lights, but I think that 3.5 lights per person is actually very restrained of me! Maybe I'll sneak a BLF GT into her luggage...

    CR123--mostly because my UV water purifier runs on CR123, and it's an excuse to bring an HDS
    1. HDS high noon 5700K 93 CRI
    -- SteriPen water purifier technically has a "flashlight" mode, but I can't count it as a flashlight

    AA--mostly as a backup if everything else fails, and these lights are the lightest weight and most comfortable headlamps I own
    2. ZL H53Fc AA, 4000K, 93-95 CRI
    3. ZL H502pr Photo Red AA Flood for stargazing, maybe the airplane

    18650GA's--my primary power source
    4. ZL SC64c 4000K 93 CRI--my EDC since 2017
    5. Acebeam L16vn 5000K (also runs on 2xCR123)
    6. ZL H604c 4000K 93 CRI
    7. Noctigon Meteor M43 Nichia 219c 5000K 90 CRI--my favorite floodlight, nightlight, and 4x18650 carrier

    -- (Acebeam L16vn is a backup 18650 charger)
    -- 2x Fomolov A1 chargers/powerbanks for charging 18650 and using any 18650 as a power bank
    -- Fenix ARE X1+ for 18650/AA charging
    -- Nekteck 21W Solar Charger (2 USB Port) that I don't plan on using, but its too small not to take just in case la mierda golpea el ventilador
    -- 2x slim "10Ah" USB micro/C LiFePO4 power banks ~35-40 Wh (3x 18650 or 3x phone charges)

    Now that this thread is in its second year, how have you guys updated/changed your travel kits?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keitho View Post
    ...Now that this thread is in its second year, how have you guys updated/changed your travel kits?
    Well, the EDC keychain light is nnow MUCH brighter with the Thrunite Ti XPL. Sure, only a half hour at max brightness but it'll light up the whole area at night!

    Otherwise, despite perfering high cri and warmer tint options my biggest change has been (slowly) accepting 18650 batteries. Currently I have a number of frequently used lights running 18650 such as Armytek, Zebralight and even a Malkoff in a LumensFactory host. I still like to keep 1-2 AA and AAA lights when traveling "just in case" but man those 18650s sure do offer both output AND runtime!

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    Originally Posted by Charlie Hustle Lightweight 18650 lights are probably what I would choose for camping.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monocrom View Post
    Those are only good if you pack a fully charged battery-pack. An extended stay in a remote area, you're going to be better off with AA or AAA primaries.
    I'm curious why an 18650 light would not be as good as AA primaries for an extended stay in a remote area. If you bring extra 18650s, wouldn't they work just as well?

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    I like to travel with at least one AA light as back up since batteries are easier to find on a bad day.

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    Bare minimum would be a Nitecore HA 23 headlight, a 4sevens Quark Pro 2A and a 4AA Power film solar charger. Likely, I'd take a Nitecore HC60 headlight, a Nitecore MH10 V2 flashlight, and a Luci Lux Pro Lantern instead.

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    I go camping every month with our scout troop (2 backpacking trips that leave out on Fri late afternoon & into the night, 2 climbing trip involving backpacking 2.5 miles up on a Friday night, caving trip, survival weekend, deep sea fishing trip each year, and various other trips.

    My go to lights are:

    - Backpacking for extended periods at night - Zebralight H600Fw headlight and a Zebralight SC600w MK IV HI flashlight to see further out. However, on our January cold weather backpacking trip, I take a Zebralight H53Fw headlight instead and run it on a primary Lithium energizer for better cold weather performance plus extra battery (which has never been needed.) I still bring the SC600w MK IV HI since it stays warm in my hand or pocket.
    - Climbing trips - same as above except I stick with 18650 for both lights since we go in early November and again in late April (not crazy cold usually.) We usually hit the trail right at dark and it takes us 3-4 hours to hike all of our gear up the 2.5 miles 1500 elevation gain (Mt Yonah in North GA.)
    - Caving trip - Same two 18650 lights as above plus a Zebralight SC64w HI as a third source of light that really never gets used while caving all day - PERFECT set up!!
    - Survival Weekend - Everyone has to survive the weekend with only what they can fit in a shoebox. They can wear whatever they want, but nothing in their/our pockets. For this I carry my tiny AAA light running on a primary lithium energizer - Olight i3S EOS.
    - Deep Sea Fishing Trip - We go for 4 days and fish off of a pear when not on the boat in deep water. For night fishing I use my Olight M2X-UT Javelot for good Throw, plus have my Zebralight SC600w MK IV HI as a mediumish throwy light, plus my headlight Zebra H600w Mk IV to clean fish.....BUT I now have a Noctigon K1, a Noctigon KR1 and a Lumintop GT Mini on the way. I'm betting that K1 will be my go to fishing light moving forward with 4500 lumens and 420k cd.
    - The rest of our trips, I mix up what I bring depending on where we go. I prefer a small AA headlight for general use not requiring long runtimes, so my Zebra H53Fw gets the most use on the rest of our trips, plus the Zebra SC600w MK IV HI is always with me.

    This was a goofy post. Maybe someone found it interesting

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