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Thread: Casual pants?

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    I've been keeping my eyes out for a pair of good multi-use pants for daily wear and hiking. A couple years ago I switched uniform pants to a 5.11 brand which is 65/35 blend which I find much more comfortable than my cotton blue jeans. Plus they have shown almost no wear given their age. Just a little to dressy/uniform for every day wear. A lot of the hiking pants out there are well made and I'm sure they are comfy but the prices are through the roof and durability is sacrificed for light weight. Any suggestions? I'm typically a blue jean guy off duty but I would like to slowly transition my wardrobe to pants that won't kill me if I' stuck outdoors in them in inclement weather...

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    cant beat carhaart carpenter pants, cheap and tuff

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    I love the Duluth Trading Co. Firehose Flex pants. They are thinner than the really heavy ones and have a bit of stretch. They come in multiple pocket configurations as well. I have some cargo pocket versions for work and some of the five pocket “blue jeans” style for casual wear. They take an impressive amount of abuse and are very comfortable.

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    I've taken to the Wrangler Riggs Ranger pant. I really like the pocket config....

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    I enjoy LA Police Gear Urban Ops Pants or Tactical Distributor Carlos Ray Pants, KÜHL as well.
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    Costco has hiking pants for about $18. The quality isn't as good as some of the suggestions but for the price they are amazing pants. I haven't had any fall apart on me and they are lightweight and breathable. I would like a few changes with them but for the price really can't complain.
    I really like the Goruck challenge pant but the price coupled with various reviews on sizing scared me away from them.

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    Casual pants?.... Pair of Wrangler Blue Jeans from Wal-Mart. About as casual (and cheap) as it gets without the crotch ripping open.
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