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    E05 to go with my E01.
    John 3:16

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    I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a collector, but I do have a few Fenix lights.
    - E05
    - UC30ss
    - LD12
    - CL20

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    This is somewhat of a collection right?
    I'm using Fenix for years now. Never bought an other brand of LED light.
    I ran into them when I was in the military. I saw a collegue with an L2D and had to have one.
    That was the and of the big bulky Maglites on the belt.

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    Hello. This is my first post on this forum. I was compiling a list of my SAK, multitool, and knife collection (70 in all, right now) and realized that I also have eleven flashlights. As for Fenix, I have:

    PD35 V2.0

    My E05 is pretty beat up, and has been replaced on my keychain with a Lumintop EDC01. I'd EDC the F15, but I don't want to take it out of the box. The E15 is a bit big for a keychain, so I use it around the house. The E20 is great for outdoors, with a really good throw. I just purchased the PD35, and the battery is still charging for it as I type.

    I've got a few small Nitecores (a Tini, a Tube, and a TUP in the mail). I've got a couple of Maglites (a Solitaire which gets no use, and a ML300L 3D which is used when my dog runs away at night).

    My big question, considering this thread is about collection Fenix lights, is what number F15 people have. I have seen a lot of places talking about its limited run, but never giving a number. Finding the highest number can give us an idea. Mine is numbered 1087. Anybody else have a number they want to post?

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