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Thread: Battery Drain on Tain Ottavino

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    Default Battery Drain on Tain Ottavino

    Hi there.

    I was hoping I could get some advice on an issue I have been having
    I have a Tain Ottavino that has been on my keys for a few years now.
    Recently I have noticed that when I put a fresh battery into the light, by the end of the day it is completely dead.
    The light is fully screwed down and no light is emitting from the LED.
    I also noticed that the light is somewhat warm, I won't say that its is noticeably putting out heat, but other Ti objects that I have within
    reach are significantly cooler to the touch.
    Could there be some sort of parasitic drain in play here?



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    Default Re: Battery Drain on Tain Ottavino

    I suggest you contact Yitsan.
    It usually takes him a few days to respond.

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