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Thread: Convoy S2+ Review (New Violet colour)

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    Default Convoy S2+ Review (New Violet colour)

    Convoy S2+ Review

    Hey folks today we will be reviewing the Convoy S2+ a light that every man and his dog has. So why review the S2+ you may ask? This S2+ is purple well technically its violet so we canít say it has that purple swag now. I have not seen to many reviews on the newer colored S2+ line up! Wait can we still use the term colored?

    The Convoy S2+ has grown up to be a very versatile light from a basic EDC to a triple/quad output monster. The S2+ is now available in a range of different setups I own 4 other Convoy S2+.
    The S2+ I am reviewing is the original style S2+ with a XML2 in a NW 5000k tint and a 3amp Nangj driver. Super simple set up yet versatile now with the new addition of standing out of the crowd being available in the newer purple, orange, cyan.

    The S2+ was sent to me by Fasttech they stock all the new and old S2+ variants. In fact Fasttech stock 382 Convoy lights in total wow. Plus Fasttech also stock the Convoy light tail caps and drivers and glass lenses for the S2+. As you can see I have bought heaps of S2+ parts from Fasttech.
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    Purchase link

    Few tips for newbies if you are going to mod the S2+ you are buying and change the driver buy the S2+ with less 7135 because they come with retaining rings. Also the tail cap and the driver on these are reverse threads. Happy modding!

    What is included ?

    • Convoy S2+ violet

    • Lanyard

    • Tumble weed? (No tumble weed actually included )


    The build quality of these new Convoy S2+ is awesome its a step above the original which was already a very decent light. I would say overall the build quality on this purple S2+ is on par with the clear S2+. The clear S2+ is as good if not better then most brand name flashlights on the market build quality wise.

    The purple finish on mine looks perfect no marks or scratched at all. No scuffs on the light or even on the metal switch. The anodizing seems very thick and has held up well while I have been EDCing this light. The threads are very well cut and every thing fits in place well and works well overall. Typical S2+ just purple well violet.
    My lens did have some ones grubby finger prints on it lol.

    Size Specs

    • Diameter: 24mm

    • Length: 118mm

    • Weight: 91 grams (without the battery)

    • LED: 16mm

    • Driver: 17mm

    As with all Convoy lights there is no waterproofing specs well a general IPX6 but I would say this S2+ is fairly water tight. The tail cap setup has a with a rubber piece that helps keep water out and the S2+ has all the o-rings in the right places. Water should be no worries for these lights.


    Design wise not to much to say except its a colored twist on a family favorite? All of these newer color S2+ come with a metal switches as stock. The newer metal switch looks nice being none anodized I prefer the this plain metal switch over the switch that came on the clear S2+ this one is much more blingy.

    Depending on what model you order some have a tail cap light and AR coated glass and some donít. The price reflects the difference so its up to you.
    There is not really that much you could do to change the S2+ it has same cutouts and same Knurling pattern as the original which is fine it has worked well for a long time.


    You can buy the new S2+ in many variants my S2+ is the stock standard set up that we have been using for years.
    This S2+ has a Cree XML2 T6-3B which is a NW emitter (5000k) best choice between tint and output I think. This S2+ is also using an OP style reflector so throw will not spectacular but you get a super nice and even floody beam.
    Driver setup is standard the S2+ is using a 3amp Nanjg style driver. If you want more power you try your luck at stacking 7135s I suck at this lol.

    You can get the coloured S2+ in many variants of tints and output power but 3amp/ 8 7135s is the max.

    These Nangj style drivers or I should say 7135 drivers because this driver is branded Convoy are good drivers. They features a lot of options for such a cheap driver. This driver has the typical mode selects. You can chose from either the 5 modes or the 3 mode groups. I think you can get the S2+ with Biscotti firmware if that is more up your alley. Two things that have changed from the original Nanjg driver is the longer spring on the driver side I would probably prefer the smaller stock spring. I had a NCR18650b in this S2+ and it fit but it doesnít really like the longer spring. Also there are no stars to solder to select mode groups.

    This S2+ has a standard alloy LED board unlike the SMO variant that gets the DTP copper board but you are paying less for this light.

    Output and modes

    • High: 1000 lumens at 1 hour

    • Medium: 400 lumens at 2.5 hours

    • Low: 50 lumens at 20 hours

    • Throw: 100m

    Driver features

    • Reverse polarity protection

    • Memory mode

    • Constant Current driver

    • 5 modes

    • Low voltage warning


    Overall the new S2+ is awesome and every one needs at least one! The S2+ is such a great light and loved dearly by the modding community for many reasons. These new colours make the S2+ stand out and shine super unique looks to an old family favorite.

    All photos taken at ISO800

    This new phone has more setting that i am learning so please bare with me.

    Low mode

    Medium mode

    High mode

    Extra wide shot on high

    Tree 100m

    S2+ shootout

    Left violet S2+ and Right side S2+ with Nichia 219c

    Left violet S2+ and Right clear S2+ SMO and XPL-HI

    Left violet S2+ and Right BLF A6 in direct drive i think mine is a 5D tint?

    Hope you enjoyed the review

    Thanks for taking the time to read

    Regards Chris
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    Default Re: Convoy S2+ Review (New Violet colour)

    Thanks for the review and high quality beamshot; they look great. I am unfamiliar with this brand but ended up buying a Convey S2 UV light a few days ago. I was looking for an affordable UV light I can use around the house & the Convoy got good reviews. Wish they had the purple option when I ordered mine!

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    Default Re: Convoy S2+ Review (New Violet colour)

    I love the violet/purple color.

    Let me ask, I have two S2+ with the metal switches. How do you get them out? I have a regular S2 and can get the switch out, but it looks as if the threading on my S2+ tailcaps have been ground out and for the life of me, I can't get them to budge. Is there a secret?

    Nice review.

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    Default Re: Convoy S2+ Review (New Violet colour)

    Thanks lads!

    Yea its an awesome colour it stands out.

    Have you tried going right to loosen and left to tighten? Reverse to normal. That is how i got this tail cap out. Once undone you should be able to just pop the tail cap out without to much effort just push from the outside. The tail cap assembly is built like the clear S2+ with the metal switch having a plastic insulator boot to keep water out. So the switch stays in place even if the tail cap is removed.
    I have a few of the older S2+ and they are normal threads but all the new S2+ and C8s seems to be reverse threads.

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