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Lol mark... I look forward to that result in a month or two.....!
I think it will take a lot longer than that! I ran a couple of runtime tests on two SC52's a few years ago. It took 2 weeks, on the brightest moonlight mode, for the batteries to die. And that was just with AA cells. A 21700 cell, on a dimmer output....?!? Yeah, not worth doing.

I'd be very interested if someone would measure the tailcap current on the moonlight modes, though. From past experience, that gives a very good approximation to the true runtime, even though it does vary with the cell's voltage. Measuring it with a cell around 3.8v should give the most accurate estimate.

For example, my SC600w IV HI uses 1.3mA on its lowest moonlight mode, which is actually much brighter than the moonlights on most other models (such as the 700d). So even with a bright-ish moonlight and an 18650 cell, runtime should be over 3 months.

I'd expect the 700d's lowest moonlight and a 5000mAh cell to be approaching a year!