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    How does the xpg3 90cri stack up to the 219 and the xpl 90cri? Any decent lights using these?

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    I dont like the xpg3. The tint shift if awful.

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    It's pretty awful. Better options include the Nichia 219C, Samsung LH351D, and Luminus SST20.

    Here's a beamshot and spectral analysis from maukka's Olight S1 Mini review:

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    Very ugly led

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    Even in the warmest tints like 3000°K ? Generally that helps with green tint. Problem with XP-G3 seems to be the tint shift...
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    3 days ago I bought for a colleague from work a lantern on XP-G3 NW, the shade of the ray is beautiful. 270 lm with frosted TIR.Manufacturer did not specify the color temperature, in my opinion about 3-3.5k K

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    The XP-G3 as mentioned, is a really ugly LED behind a reflector and most clear optics, but can be made to look acceptable behind a heavily frosted optic.

    Still, modding or building your own, there are nicer options.

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    If you like high CRI LEDs why you don't try nichia LEDs? If you don't want nichia then try xpg/xpg2 in 4000k/3000k it's gorgeous..

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    Generally the cooler the LED, less problem with green/yellow. The green/yellow is caused by bad quality phosphor over the LED. When they get down to 3000k, the green just becomes ugly piss yellow. Neutral whites around 5k are probably worst off when seeing green.

    I haven't had good experiences with hi cri 219Cs, but they don't have such a problem with tint shift within the beam, so it can be sorta corrected using minus green filters. LH351Ds and SST20 hi cris have been tested to be pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nichia! View Post
    If you like high CRI LEDs why you don't try nichia LEDs? If you don't want nichia then try xpg/xpg2 in 4000k/3000k it's gorgeous..
    I’m going to second this advice. An XPG2 in 5A tint is amazing
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    Hmm. I have a 5000k 219c 90cri I put in a fenix which looks amazing, as does the xpg2 in my m31lw but I do prefer the 5000k temp.

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