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Thread: GMT400 Headlight Upgrades? Options?

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    Default GMT400 Headlight Upgrades? Options?

    So, I'm about to pick up a late GMT400 Silverado, because I found a deal I couldn't pass up on a '98 2500, and I'm wondering if there are any ways to make the lighting better than stock on it (Read: I want it to be roughly equivalent to and/or better than my Volvo 242 with a relay harness and Cibie 7" E-codes with Philips XtremeVisions), or if new OE headlights, a relay harness and good Philips bulbs are my only option.


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    Default Re: GMT400 Headlight Upgrades? Options?

    How "late" is late? The GMT400 run ended for model year '98.

    If it uses sealed beams right now, then JW Speaker makes sealed beam replacements that will be about as good as it can get. If it has composite headlamps, but you can find a "work truck" front clip for sealed beams, get that and put in the JW Speaker sealed beams.

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    If the truck has the plastic composite lamps, you won't be able to see well until you swap over to the sealed beam setup (ditch the sealed beams and put in good lamps -- the JW Speaker units Alaric mentions are one of several good options). You do not have to swap the truck's front clip! The list of parts needed is much smaller and less involved than that. Send an email to Daniel Stern about it.

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