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Thread: Not light but still..DIY SCUBA... ANYONE BUILD ELECTRIC HOOKAH ?

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    Default Not light but still..DIY SCUBA... ANYONE BUILD ELECTRIC HOOKAH ?

    On my vacations I'm normally far from diving centers on Croatian islands, I don't own a compressor , sometimes a gas stations are far and of course don't like mess with Co,CO2,NOx ,..... but I have electric all day so ...

    I think I like to build small portable electric hookah - but GOOD one! ..... but these hookah are expensive like RB !!! so I look on


    Electric Hookah Diving Systems | Brownie's Third Lung

    Keene Hookah Hooka Dive System


    AirBuddy | explore the underwater with tankless dive gear

    and surf net to STUFF I LIKE TO USE : e3d51fdXlPCP5 (24V )

    (something 24V ;120-150Ah for lower current )

    some 7 lit stage alu tank for more smooth breathing without pulses

    QUESTION : What do you think it is worth some ideas ....?

    PROBLEM: I never see or deal with any kind of hookah , but from YT channels - one problem is obviously NOISE ( someone might say - you always know when still working ) but for me (for all ) is noise underwater is annoying (similar with scooter )
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