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Thread: where to put a new thread

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    Question where to put a new thread

    I am a recently returned member from long ago.
    I found an external link back here & after some time recovered my
    user ID & password.

    Im glad to be back. lost my way after an old computer died.

    but it seems that many things have changed.
    so where is the best place for me to start a thread to sell a flashlight?

    I have one of Black Bears original Borealis 1050 modified M@gLite flashlight.
    Id like to find what its worth today & sell it here.

    I originally bought it from him thru a link from here but he doesnt
    seem to be around anymore. (I cant find him)

    its the silver color with LSD Sanyo Eneloops, 2 bulbs, and an external charger.
    thanks in advance to any member who takes the time to help me out.

    also I need to know what are the options for posting pictures?
    as attachments or imagehost links (any that allow full size hotlinks?)
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    Default Re: where to put a new thread

    Here's the best place to start...
    That also explains about buying a Subscriptiom , which allows you to sell.
    The best way to find out the value of your light is to look through the older WTS threads. CPF frowns upon you fishing for offers or suggestions of value.
    Hope that helps.

    Here's the thread for Custom and Modified...
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    Peter's shopping list:- HDS / Oveready 170N Exec/LE and an Oveready V4 Nichia Drop In. Otherwise I'm content. Want want want, that's me.

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